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Amenities information

The clubhouse and fitness center are open daily for residents' use from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

During pool season, which runs from approximately May through October, the pool is open
from 6 a.m.-9 p.m. (roughly sunrise to just before sunset)

The athletic courts (volleyball, basketball and tennis) are open daily from 6 a.m. until 12 a.m. 

The playground and the dog park are open daily from sunrise to just before sunset.




How to Access the Amenities

The Villages at Godley Station’s upgrades to the amenities access system was completed in 2022. The technology, which was irreparable after being struck by lightning, was dated and easily compromised, so the system’s manufacturer had discontinued the support and components that would have made a repair possible. 


The new control system is managed with the 2N Mobile Key app for smartphones. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. There are three steps to establish member access under this system: 


1. Download the app on a smartphone. For iPhone click here. For Android click here

2. To request a PIN code that will allow you to pair your smartphone with the 2N security system, fill out this form and email the completed document to Sentry, the HOA's property management company, at 

3. Our community manager will assign you a PIN code. Activate your account by bringing your smartphone and your assigned PIN code to the front door of the clubhouse. Open the app on your phone, follow the prompts, enter the PIN number when requested, and your cell phone will pair with the clubhouse’s security system. You should then have access to the clubhouse, pool, playground, and tennis/basketball courts. 


Going forward, you will need to bring your paired phone with you any time you access the HOA’s amenities. Simply open the app on your phone, tap your finger to the white square on the electronic reader, and you can enter. 




• Make sure you are a homeowner in good standing, with no late or outstanding dues or fees on your account. 

• Please fill out and submit the application form for a PIN code. Once your PIN is received, download the app before heading to the clubhouse to pair your phone with the system.

• Available 2N Mobile Keys may be assigned to minors, 14 years and older, when accompanied by a signed waiver by a homeowner/ guardian. Please complete youth waiver forms for residents aged 14-17 so they may be emailed to Sentry when you contact them to request an additional PIN code. The forms can be downloaded here

• Key cards and FOBs that were previously issued can no longer be used to access the courts, pool and clubhouse. Questions? Please email the Community Association Manager at

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