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The Villages at Godley Station Pool Rules

The Villages at Godley Station’s pool season typically runs May 1 through October 31. Pool hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (roughly coinciding with sunrise to sunset). Any persons in the pool or pool deck area after pool hours or when the pool is otherwise closed will be considered trespassing and will be prosecuted. There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at any time. All persons swim at their own risk. For the health and safety of all pool users, and to ensure an enjoyable experience, please follow the following rules at all times:

Rules will be strictly enforced at all times.

  • Swimming alone is strictly prohibited per Pooler City Ordinance.


  • Persons who cannot swim MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times and MUST also wear a life saving device. 


  • All persons using The Villages at Godley Station pool must be owners or occupants, in good standing, of The Villages at Godley Station or admitted as guests of an adult member (18 years or older) while at the pool. 


  • All members using the pool facilities must have the 2N security app, paired with an active PIN code, installed on their phone to gain access. 


  • A maximum of (4) four non-resident guests per household are allowed. 


  • All guests, including children, must be accompanied by an adult resident who has current access via the 2N security app. 


  • Each resident MUST individually use their 2N app to enter. Tailgating or straggling behind a guest who has just swiped in is not allowed at any time. 


  • Community residents ages 13 to 17 may access the pool without a parent present only if a parent or guardian has granted permission by signing and submitting a release form (waiver) to the HOA. They will then receive their own PIN code to pair with the 2N app, allowing them to swipe in.


  • Persons under the age of 18 who have a waiver on file authorizing unaccompanied access to the pool are NOT ALLOWED to bring any guests (resident or nonresidents) to the facilities.

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  • The propping of any pool gates is strictly prohibited. 


  • Please shower before entering the pool. Showers are located on the pool deck, near the water fountain. 


  • Pool users must dry-off before entering bathrooms or clubhouse at all times. 


  • For the safety of all persons in the pool and pool area, there is no diving, running, horseplay, fighting, spitting, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or standing on boards/pool toys.


  • No swimming is allowed during heavy rain or when lightning and thunder can be seen or heard. 


  • All beverages and food must be 10 feet from the pool edge. 


  • Pool users must clean up after themselves, remove all personal belongings, and deposit any trash in
    designated trash/recycle receptacles before leaving the pool area. 


  • Anyone using spray aerosol sunscreen and tanning spray are asked not to apply it while on the pool
    deck, but instead should move into the grassy area during application as it causes slick, hazardous conditions on the deck. 

  • No pool chairs / loungers are permitted in the pool. 


  • Rafts and floating devices are allowed, but must not to exceed 4’x4’ in size. 


  • There shall be no smoking, vaping or use of tobacco products on HOA property except in designated areas. Designated smoking areas have been provided with signage outside the gates. 


  • No glass items are allowed on HOA property. 


  • No profanity is to be used by anyone on HOA property.


  • Music played on personal devices, such as bluetooth speakers, must be unobtrusive and not contain objectionable material. 


  • The pool is not to be used during the periods of darkness unless prior arrangements have been made with the board. 


  • Homeowners may be held financially liable for any damages to facilities caused by themselves, their children, guests or tenants to include contamination of the pool. 


  • The safety rope across the pool must remain attached per Health Department Ordinance. No pool user is allowed to hang on, sit on, or exit the pool using the safety rope / lane dividers. If any of them are broken, the pool shall be closed until repairs are completed and inspected by a city official. 


  • Safety equipment, life rings and hooks are not toys, and are to be used for emergency situations only. 


  • Please make sure that non-toilet-trained persons are wearing clean swim diapers before entering the pools. Accidents MUST be reported to the property management company immediately. 


  • If serious conflicts or safety hazards develop, members should call the community management company at 912-330-8937 to report the issues.


  • At any time, the board may enact and/or update rules and regulations regarding use of the pool and conduct in the pool area in order to ensure users’ safety and security. 


  • All persons in the pool area must obey all rules stated here at all times and must follow directions given by any HOA authority who may be present, including board members and community management company representatives. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of this declaration, and may result in suspension of use of the pool and/or fines. Suspension terms are at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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