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Solicitors - Arbors and Copper Village

A word on peddlers and solicitors

There have been recent concerns among homeowners regarding solicitors in our neighborhood.

As you know, The Villages at Godley Station maintains a strict, ‘NO SOLICITATION’ policy, and has posted this at the entrances to the neighborhoods. This is notice to any solicitors that the neighborhood does not allow such unexpected knocks on doors.

Please be informed so you can be educated if you have concerns about solicitors in the neighborhood.

Click here for chapter 54 of the City of Pooler ordinances regarding uninvited entry upon premises.

The ‘no soliciting’ signs at the entrance of the neighborhood is a clear announcement that such activity is not allowed. The presence of a permit does not allow them to ignore our neighborhood policy.

Keeping the neighborhood free of unwelcome intrusions is everyone’s business. If you are concerned about unwelcome knocks, or you are bothered by peddlers or solicitors, follow a few common-sense tips:

  • Inform solicitors that The Villages at Godley Station has a clearly marked ‘no soliciting’ sign and recommend that they and any colleagues that they may be soliciting with immediately leave the property.

  • Call the Pooler police department to report a complaint.

We hope this gives you the tools necessary to reduce annoyances.

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